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Stimmungsvolle Bergweihnacht am „Christstollen“

Haus des Gastes, Hardtweg 3, 57629 Limbach | Limbach | Rund um Hachenburg | Westerwald | Rheinland-Pfalz
Bergstraße 3, -57629, Limbach
Telephone: 0049 2662-5009210
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Sun, Dec 8, 2019
14:00, 4 Hour(s)
Theatre / shows / dancing / films (lectures / readings)
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Atmospheric mountain Christmas at "Christstollen"

For the fourth time already, the medieval Limbach slate quarry as a festively decorated "Christstollen" invites you to a small but unique mountain Christmas on the Assberg. Inside the illuminated mine, 20 m underground, Christmas music performances create an incomparable atmosphere. Meanwhile, all kinds of fragrant delicacies await you above ground. The traditional Christmas carol singing with accordion accompaniment provides an atmospheric highlight with a "goose bump guarantee" after dark. The torchlight hike down to Limbach (approx. 1 km) is a popular conclusion for young and old alike.

Hiking tips for the "Christstollen" from Limbach, Haus des Gastes (Hardtweg 3, Infopoint):

"Limbacher Panoramaweg" (LIMBACHER RUNDE 21, 7.3 km) and "3-Blicke-Tour" (LIMBACHER RUNDE 25, 8.8 km). Detailed route descriptions with overview map at the infopoint and - in addition to GPS data - also at www.kuv-limbach.de.

Date: Sunday, 8 December (2nd Advent)
Time: 14.00 - 17.30 o'clock
Location: Schiefergrube Assberg, 57629 Limbach (signposted from main road 44, approx. 1 km outside the village)

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