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Großfeuerwerk "Wied in Flammen"

Wiedufer | Waldbreitbach | Rund um Wiedtal | Westerwald | Rheinland-Pfalz
Sat, Aug 15, 2020
Festivals & celebrations (fair)
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Fair in Waldbreitbach from 16 to 19 August with big fireworks, street food mile and "old acquaintances".

Also this year, on the 3rd weekend of August, the fair in Waldbreitbach, which is known far beyond the borders of the Neuwied district, will take place again. The preparations for the five-day mega-event in the Wiedtal are in full swing. Beside the big fireworks "Wied in Flammen" on Saturday 17.8.2019 the visitors of the fair can look forward to further highlights.

The kick-off on the Friday is a Mallerbann party in a class of its own. From 20:00 DJ Oliver Kohl will transform the marquee into a true Mallorca party à la Megapark. Suitably to the evening also delicious cocktails are offered.

On Saturdays the Waldbreitbacher Street Food Mile takes place for the fourth time. The bachelors are looking forward to visiting a total of six showmen who will prepare their culinary delicacies such as burgers, sliders, chili creations, Thai dishes and co. live in their food trucks on the fairground Saturday from 3 p.m. on the Wiedufer. In addition, the "Wiedklang" music club will contribute to the cosy atmosphere with a square concert.

From 19:00 the band "Pop nach 8" will play on the Wied raft stage and prepare the audience for the fireworks with suitable live music. Thus the organizers expect also in this year a large visitor rush, if it means at 21:45 clock in forest width brook again: Fire freely!

After the fireworks in the night sky over the Wied, all visitors are invited to the big after-show party. There the band "Sixbit" will make the marquee tremble into the morning hours, which will bring the main day of the event to a special end.

On the Sunday of the fair a traditional early pint takes place after the church visit, which is musically led by the music association "Wiedklang". In the connection the guests can look forward to a completely special co-operation. For the first time in co-operation with the freiwilligen fire-brigade the Fire Games are organized.

Another highlight of the fair and thus the crowning finale of the five-day mega-event is scheduled for Monday, 19.8.2019. After the day starts at 11:00 a.m. with an early pint of "Wiedklang & Friends", the concert of "Alte Bekannte" starts at 7:00 p.m.. The music is in the tradition of the Wise Guys - pop music without instruments with partly humorous, partly emotional lyrics. The tickets can be purchased in advance for 28.00 €.

The bachelor club "Gemütlichkeit" Waldbreitbach is looking forward to many visitors in the Wiedtal. Further information under www.wiedinflammen.com and on the Facebook side Wied in Flammen.

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