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Feuerwehrhaus (Floriansweg) | Horhausen | Rund um Flammersfeld | Westerwald | Rheinland-Pfalz
Floriansweg , DE-56593, Horhausen
Sun, Apr 21, 2019
Family (children & family events)
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Flying Easter Eggs in Horhausen - on Easter Sunday the 33rd Easter Egg Long Throw Competition starts!

On Easter Sunday (21 April 2019) brightly coloured Easter eggs will fly through the air again in Horhausen near Flammersfeld. The aim is to throw a hard-boiled Easter egg as far as possible. It doesn't only depend on the distance, the egg has to stay whole. With the right throwing technique - you take the Easter egg between thumb and index finger, tip up and throw it straight out - the egg stays whole without crash-landing on the meadow. A little luck is also part of it. Burst eggs serve as bird food.
Many onlookers follow the spectacle every year. We start in different age groups. Each participant has one attempt. The record has been 57 metres for years.

A tombola and children's amusement are offered.

Info: Community Horhausen, Tel. 02687/9226830, VG Flammersfeld, Tel. 02685/809193, Rolf Schmidt Markoski, Tel. 02687/929507 as well as on www.horhausen.de

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