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Anny Hartmann No Lobbby is perfect

Stadthalle Hachenburg, Leipziger Straße | Hachenburg | Rund um Hachenburg | Westerwald | Rheinland-Pfalz
Thu, Apr 23, 2020
Theatre / shows / dancing / films (cabaret) | Miscellaneous events (Veranstaltungen KulturZeit Hachenburg)
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Anny Hartmann - the pacifist handgun of political cabaret - presents her new program "No Lobby is perfect".

As a graduate economist, she has a good grasp of the tools of the trade and of political tricks, which Anny Hartmann prepares amusingly, quickly, bitingly and easily comprehensible. Or as one viewer put it: "You explained it to us as if we were four-year-olds, without us feeling like four-year-olds".

Anyone who sees Anny Hartmann live can save a few semesters of VWL studies, and anyone who hasn't seen her has missed something.

Anny Hartmann is straightforward and unadjusted, has a sharp mind and an equally sharp tongue, she is inspiringly activist and pleasantly constructive. You can expect a successful evening full of humour, acumen and quick-wittedness! Anny Hartmann stimulates reflection with her contributions and yet there is much to laugh about.  This is how cabaret must be - this is how entertainment is understood.

Or as Volker Pispers puts it: "AnnyHartmann has understood that in order to make entertainment one does not only need humour, but above all an attitude. As a graduate economist, she also has a brain. She unites in her person the three great H's of cabaret: posture, humor, brain. You should take a look at that."

So: Let's go!

Admission: 19:15 o'clock
Start: 20:00 o'clock

Admission: advance sale 16 Euro / reduced 10 Euro
              box office 20 Euro / reduced 13 Euro

Organizer: Hachenburger KulturZeit with the friendly support of Naspa

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