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Finissage und Konzert mit Bernd Baldus

Stöffel-Park | Enspel | Rund um Westerburg | Westerwald | Rheinland-Pfalz
Thu, Oct 31, 2019
18:00, 3 Hour(s)
Music (music events/concerts) | Exhibitions (art)
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Art talk and concert

It is a special day, this Thursday, 31st Okotber 2019, not only because it is Reformation Day and Halloween Day. For the Stöffel-Park the visitor season for this year ends, even if there are still some nice events to do.

These are good reasons and it is the right day to celebrate a finissage with the artist Bernd Baldus. It promises to be another very cosy evening full of music - like last in April 2016!

Bernd Baldus has been presenting a selection of his works at Café Kohleschuppen since 1 September 2019. Now there will be a relaxed final meeting here at 6 pm. Questions and exchange are in the foreground. And at 7 p.m. his concert begins in the Alte Schmiede, just a few steps away.

Frank Tischer is also on stage
Bernd Baldus provides guitar sound and vocals on the concert stage, he has two interesting musicians at his side. On the one hand the renowned musician Frank Tischer on the keys. "He was on tour with the Spencer Davis Group in 2017," reports Baldus. "He has also played with Helge Schneider. The fantastic projects he has also done can be read on Frank Tischer's homepage. Already in June 2017 Bernd Baldus and Frank Tischer made a very successful joint appearance in the Alte Schmiede.

Max Baldus on drums turns the merger into a trio. He is the nephew of Bernd Baldus and also comes from Enspel. 

Music and pictures belong together
The songs are written by Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and German singer-songwriters like Udo Lindenberg or Hans Wader. "Bob Dylan is always a theme - in sound and image," says Bernd Baldus. "Music always has a lot to do with my pictures - and vice versa," he emphasizes.

He is also entertained by poems by Ringelnatz, Tucholsky, Brecht and Kästner. And he incorporates memories from his life. Baldus was born in Bad Marienberg in 1954 and grew up in Enspel. In 1975 he moved to Mainz, and today he lives in the Rhön, without ever having lost contact with the Westerwald - not least because his parents lived here. The evening promises to go down as well as it did two years ago.

Stoffel Club

Stöffel Park, Stöffel Street, Enspel

18 h Start of the finissage in the Café Kohleschuppen and
19 h Start of the concert in the Alte Schmiede
Tickets at EUR 15 are available at Stöffel-Park, e-mail info@stoeffelpark.de

The Stöffel-Park can be reached by phone at 02661 9809800, more information via the Internet.

More information about Bernd Baldus

You can find more about the artist and his projects on his homepage: http://www.berndbaldus.de/
Also on YouTube there are worth seeing articles about him.

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