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Tauchen Sie ein in die Unterwelt des Westerwaldes!

Stöffel-Park | Enspel | Rund um Westerburg | Westerwald | Rheinland-Pfalz
Sat, Oct 12, 2019
3 Hour(s)
Nature / geology
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An impressive multimedia lecture by the speleologists of the Westerwald forest is imminent. It will take place on Saturday, 12 October 2019, at 19.30 at the Stöffel Park in Enspel.

For conversations with the speleologists and to enjoy a good meal, the entrance is already at 17.30 o'clock. The catering will be provided by Die Idee (Kausen).

Dive into the underworld of the Westerwald!
The speleologists of the speleological working group Hessen e.V. (SAH for short) based in Breitscheid (near Herborn) have been exploring the caves in the Westerwald since 1984. The aim of their voluntary work is to protect and explore the local karst mountains.

In autumn 1994 they found the entrance to a large cave system with labyrinthine passages, hence the name Herbstlabyrinth. From 2001 to 2009 an approx. 30 meter long cave passage could be excavated. Afterwards, the new discoveries accumulated annually until 2013, when a large part of the underground earth stream could even be explored, which disappears on the outskirts of Breitscheid and reappears as a source on the surface of the same district.

The Herbstlabyrinth cave system is one of the largest and most scientifically significant in Germany with a length of over 12.5 kilometres. Due to its uniqueness, it was placed completely under a preservation order in 2018.

What interests even NASA in Breitscheid's underworld?
The multimedia lecture in Enspel deals with the newly discovered and spectacular cave areas and the karst landscape near Breitscheid/Erdbach in the Hessian Westerwald. Highlights of the two-hour lecture are the breathtaking halls and corridors and the video recordings of the helmet camera. Be there when the explorers climb through the cave or dive into the Erdbach. Only a handful of speleologists and scientists are allowed to fathom the secrets of the underground Westerwald forest.

Find out more about speleology (cave research) and thus sub-areas of geology, hydrology, palaeontology, biology, cave surveying and climate research - or find out what NASA is looking for in Breitscheid's underworld, for example!

To the speakers
Oliver Heil has been a speleologist for over 30 years. For nine years he worked as a project manager in the field of LED lighting systems for show caves and undertook various cave expeditions from the jungle of Indonesia to the volcanic glacier caves of the USA.

Julius Krause is founder of the German young cave research group, cave diver and second chairman of the SAH. He has already undertaken international cave expeditions in the Alps and coordinates the monthly research weekends in the Westerwald.

Here you can find more information about the publications.

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