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Chaplin - The Musical

Stadthalle | Altenkirchen | Rund um Altenkirchen | Westerwald | Rheinland-Pfalz
Wed, Nov 6, 2019
Music (various music events)
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Wed. 06. November 2019
Start: 20 o'clock; Admission: 19 o'clock
Location: Stadthalle Altenkirchen
Admission: VVK 40€ / ABK 48€

CHAPLIN - The Musical

Songs in English - Dialogues in German

The musical CHAPLIN tells the story of Charlie Chaplin's rise and fall on the
the road to glory. When he came to America, he was a nobody. When he left it, he did
he did it in the midst of scandals and controversy. Meanwhile, Charlie Chaplin became a
one of the world's most popular and well-known entertainers. Charlie Chaplin was
Comedian, actor, director and composer. He was considered a genius, revolutionary
filmmaker and a milestone in the history of film, but also as a
miser, womanizer and communist. But which of them was he really? From the
the dark streets and the smoky Music Hall of London, to films around the
The musical CHAPLIN shows the rapid rise of this genius comedian and his
later fall into disgrace. In this way, the musical covers the truth behind the
headlines and shows the man behind the legend, the undeniable genius,
who reinvented the film.

- "A surprising rush of amazement, enthusiasm and childlike pleasure!"
New York - Time Out New York, David Cote, 10.09.2012

- "A thoughtful and touching musical that conquers our hearts!"
New York - NY-1

- "Chaplin is fantastic! [...] Finally! A sophisticated, entertaining, refreshing, unpretentious and totally captivating Broadway musical for all ages!"
Rex Reed

- "A skilful mixture of passion and playfulness!"
Ethel Barrymore Theatre, New York - USA Today, Elysa Gardner, 11.09.2012

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