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Bruno Jonas

Stadthalle | Altenkirchen | Rund um Altenkirchen | Westerwald | Rheinland-Pfalz
Fri, Oct 18, 2019
Music (various music events)
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Fri. 18.October 2019
Start: 20 o'clock; Admission: 19 o'clock
Admission: VVK 33€; ABK 38€
Location: Stadthalle Altenkirchen

Bruno Jonas
"Assumed only."
After more than 40 years of work as a cabaret artist, publishing a multitude of books and CDs and countless appearances on stages in Germany, Bruno Jonas is now finally on stage with us, with his twelfth solo program "Nur mal angenommen...". 

Just let's assume... because life is an assumption. Many believe,
that they must accept what is offered them. But more and more people can no longer believe that things should go on as they have done so far.

Many assume that Europe is a great idea, that the euro will last for a long time, that Greece will eventually be debt-free and that the CSU will remain in power in Bavaria forever. Assumptions are very popular in politics. The SPD assumes that it will remain a people's party, even if it should soon fail at the 5% clause, the Greens are convinced that it is the moral authority in the country and that its energy revolution will save the world's climate, even if it is financed with the sale of CO2 rights; and across all party lines the assumption prevails that the AfD will soon disappear again from the scene.

But now ONLY APPLY, if not? I also accept what I can accept, especially DHL packages, but only when I'm at home. You can rely on me, at least as far as the assumptions are concerned.

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