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Ab Schule/Feuerwehr Waldbreitbach | Waldbreitbach | Rund um Wiedtal | Westerwald | Rheinland-Pfalz
Telephone: (0049) 2638 945685
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Thu, Oct 3, 2019
10:00, 5 Hour(s)
Sports (running)
Sports / Outdoor
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A very special team event. On an approx. 2 km long course up to 7 runners share the course or complete it alone as single runners if they are in good condition. The starting order is left to the relay team. Each runner is used at least once over a complete lap until the total distance of 42,195 km has been covered. In the transition zone you can literally feel the tingling atmosphere created by relay competitions. Each participant can enter the start and finish area several times. This is an attractive event for the athletes - but also for the spectators. Marathon times that remain a utopia for individual runners can be achieved in the team. Groups, clubs and interest groups can participate, whereby each participant (born 2004 and older) dares to run 2 km at a time. The VfL is particularly pleased about individual starters (born 1996 and older). Nordic Walkers are not allowed for safety reasons due to the use of poles, but are welcome as runners!
By online registration form at www.staffelmarathon.info
With an early registration the starting fee can be kept low, it must be transferred to the deadline. A relay can be announced in advance by a team manager without giving the names of the participants. The team manager can name the participants later. Each relay team will give itself a relay team name. If several relay teams start under the same club name, a number 1, 2, 3 etc. will be added to the club name. At the end of the registration period all participants must be registered with their names and year of birth.
Closing date:
Sept. 30 or when the maximum number of participants of 150 relays or 50 individual starters has been reached. www.staffelmarathon.info 

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