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Wandern, aber stramm

Haus des Gastes, Bergweg3, Limbach | Limbach | Rund um Hachenburg | Westerwald | Rheinland-Pfalz
Bergstraße 3, -57629, Limbach
Telephone: 0049 2662 939397
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Sun, Jun 23, 2019
Miscellaneous events (Wanderungen im Hachenburger Westerwald) | Sports (hiking)
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Limbacher Kultur und Verkehrsverein (KuV) offers more than 25 circular hiking trails with the LIMBACHER RUNDEN (information on www.kuv-limbach.de). But even those who prefer to explore the scenically and culturally exceptionally attractive rounds are not left out. From April to October inclusive, a LIMBACHER ROUND is chosen monthly as "Round of the Month" and offered under the title "Hiking, but hard!" As a fast guided tour (about 5 km / h). Participation free, without registration and at your own risk.

Creamy look tour (combined round from LIMBACHER ROUND 10/13/21)
Start time: 9:30 am
Length: approx. 12.0 km

Individual guided hiking and cycling tours
In addition to the regularly offered guided hiking and biking tours from April to October, the Kultur- und Verkehrsverein Limbach e.V. (KuV) also offers individually designed tours for groups and individuals on request throughout the year.

Participation in all events is free, without registration possible and is at your own risk.

Kultur- und Verkehrsverein Limbach e.V. (KuV)
Mountain road 3
57629 Limbach
Tel .: 0 26 62 5 00 92 10

Contact Person:
Ralpf Hilger
Tel .: 0151 22 07 43 23 and 0 26 62 93 93 97
E-Mail: ralph.hilger@kuv-limbach.de

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